This I discovered

from marking directions


After sunrise,

South straight ahead steadies me,


East with lowered upraised gaze

clears my mind


In the shade, a long ways away

West invites me


to speak

North, above and beyond,


opens the way



Each direction has its purpose

and core


With the third turning,

West… tree shaded I speak


Full circle, I return, North

a home, not my own


No pencil in hand, to the blind screen

I submit. Beneath stillness, the rustling of thought


My saying done,

back through the directionless



Turning East, I pray


May the sun clear the mind,

may the array


draw me in…

Turning inward and away,


I stand South,

in concert with the morning


I listen

The play of birdsong


wakes me. Settled

here… it’s the beat and rhythm,


the dance

within the sounding


that carries me on

W i t h i n the innermost circle,


another circle. The farthest point

within, arrays outwards


Trace the lines as they dissolve

Feel the dancers step


on the lips and eyes of every pore,

yours and m



n e



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