Lured by the unfamiliar

in search of the search, the quest

that revels in itself

I turn to the place of departure

Not full circle, but an arc descending

The now distant country,

the one I left behind

I carried with me. Dawn and dusk,

horizons in transition

Earth and sky, closer

than we think

That which I did not take to heart,

that which I dismissed

and the distant wherever,

the moments that never arrive

pile up. Where the sand is shallowest

footprints take hold

As the wind rises

my journey begins with no trace

The rescue party sets out

at high tide

The rocks that struck home

lie hidden

Perched high on an inner branch

I survey my descent

The leaves below have lost their colors

The earth, moist with dawn’s breath,

the air cool and warm

Naked or clothed, with words

or not, voice does not

seek the ear

I am returning to the unfamiliar

Before I wake again, the past will be present

Flame will rage through all I have

lived through

All I have written



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