I like to stand

The physical marks me

I like to walk

The earth supports me

I like to sit

My spine rises to the occasion

I like to lie down

Ease envelops me. I like to stand

my gaze widens

I like to walk my foot-gaze

carries me beyond

this body

with a breath borne pace

Into the day

with arc and presence

a journey the sun takes

me with it

Into the night

with breath born presence

a journey the moon takes

me with it

I like to lie down

And waken

to it

With breath the moon

rises within

Silver the light

like first snow on my lips

and eyes

Gold the shadow

deep and warm levitating


Intermingled light to shadow

a sea of letters swirls

round my heart

O hear

the voice behind the song

that lifts me

O see

the blood winds traced

on high

Into the dark I like to fly

Into the world

with un-burdened ease

Into each life settled

and sure


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