Return to sitting. Within a loose sense of the body,

let the mind move with a long sweep

up the spine, or, more deliberately, with soft paws

clawing upwards, vertebrae by vertebrae,

register movement with the in-breath;

rest, with the outbreath. Then, simply abiding,

without inward movement or outward projection,

let the mind settle fully here, in a body and a place

Recognize when it wanders, then return to the body,

not just as a marker of the mind’s presence,

but with intelligent awareness,

a malleable shape-shifting presence

(perceiving outwardly, sensing inwardly)

clued to the movement of mind

Within this alert ease, this placing and return,

as mind steadies itself, sensate awareness awakens

Not by staking out a place of vantage,

Not tactically, but tactfully present,

with an ongoing openness to experience, a willingness

to move with whatever arises

Dwell within the body, fully there and aware.

Having gained ease with the outer body,

with the in-breath sense movement from the extremities

inwards, through the arms legs and spine

and with the outbreath rest in turn at the throat and heart,

at the gut and sex, and at the head

Then with the whole body, let go, surrender to the current

or to the untold stillness, still unfathomable

in its total surround. As sensate presence deepens,

occasionally, with a resounding, out of nowhere gut-born shout

shatter the nascent bliss as it arises

or the dullness that sets in from unclear presence

Nothing held back, nothing to let go of,

at ease with the day, at one with the night,

abide in openness, move with presence,

assured, in intention, that all beings awaken within

to a world transformed as it is. No moment indifferent

to the dawn’s first rays. Return to sitting

like the drowned breaking free from the sunken ark of this poem,

this fleeting drift of awareness,

this persistent mahamudra of recollection,

this upended non-abiding





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