For those sitting here with me

I ask you, listening now, to step back

from seeing, step back from listening

In most situations, there’s no

need to listen too intently, to look too closely

My preference is not to zoom in,

but to wide angle. Not to lose the center,

but to move between point

and field. As we speak and act,

listening inwardly,  parse experience

into body, grounded in body;

into mind, aware in mind;

and into circumstance, open

to the where of whatever happens,

Within this where of experience,

gauging in.. and out..

with sense and perception,

while giving the thoughts that arise

meaningful attention, be here

with embodied presence,

aware enough to recognize

when thought heeds its own patterns,

especially when it judges

with predisposition. Abiding here

with ongoing openness,

sense your arms, legs, torso

and your body breathing,

even as I speak, even as you look

towards me, assessing

and considering what I say

With clear eyed hearing,

with ease-ful awareness, listen

loosely, listen with the body

For me, the body is an ear,

an eye studded ear,

at the outer reach of its horizons,

there are no limits, and yet

it is present, it sees,

it hears



3 thoughts on “THE BODY IS AN EAR

  1. came to your blog after quite a long time and happy to see the new theme and impressed by the line -refuge of everyday life 🙂


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