The girl in perpetual motion

keeps the ladder balanced as she climbs the rungs,

strips off her outer garments, raises a hoop

and rises through it… to take in hand a rope from which she swings,

the ladder precariously leaning,

the egg balanced in the cup on her head

never falls


The headlined performer stands on her head

with legs spread, hands arched twirling plates on sticks,

then she turns as the plates spin, arches her head

back to have the cigarette between her lips

lit. Then one after another, legs spread, plates spinning,

head upon head, a totem of six girls

in perpetual motion rises


Stuffed into sequined shorts, standing,

then crouched, then lying down, the muscle woman

tosses 500 lbs on and off her arms and shoulders

Just as an elephant steps over her

a clutch of hawkers hawking popcorn

stand in our way


On the trampoline the bowlegged midget bounces


2 thoughts on “EMPIRE CIRCUS (part 2)

    1. Do you mean the bow-legged midget has orange hair
      Nice try! This is the Indian circus that visits Kathmandu in the winter
      and raises its tent below the Thapatali bridge,
      along the Bagmati river — circa 1988


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