By the eel river, our voices

echoing off the cliffs, freely we roamed

through the 6 realms


As we emerged from each

naked in the water, naked on the sands,

glorious in our dharma play,


casting as much light as we drew in

through the soft sea swept

waves of sun, we shaped mud into yoni


mud into lingam, passed through rock,

the two of us, yabyum-ed,

floating… Beyond, in a forest clearing,


a cherry red reclining Buddha,

notched with our initials,

looped and twined with vines


rooted into moss-subdued flesh,

stretches and wakes. With offerings made

and prayers spoken…


Below the tree shaded meditation hut,

the snake-like river stilled,

as the sun skims across its cloud cooled skin


rock perched, each to our own now,

I gaze back from my gaze

droplets in air, synapse-linked bracelets of light


like rainbow hued jelly fish

swarm the sky

Into the dusk, into the night,


each to our own now,

looped and twining we hover

above ourselves


clearly lit

like candles burning


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