FLINT YOUR VOICE: (a Nepali poem after Cesar Vallejo)

Nature struck us down. Man lifts us up.

But when man strikes us, and doubly so profits

from our dependence, he strikes us

by not lifting us. With those in the hills,

whose maize fields the sun grooms with its light,

and with those in the mountains, whose dawns

grip us on arising, (but for those man-soiled

boulders lodged in our way, prodigious

in their passive obstinacy, in their active vainglory,

these party misleaders) we would flow

as a single stream. With what cumulative force!

Not all the days before us can reverse

those intense seconds, those fear ridden hours

Inconsolable, long endured, pain

spurs us on. Flint your voice!

famished listener. Soon comes the time

to strike your anger


June 3, 2015


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