When the mind wanders or wavers,

reconfigure awareness in the body,

sensing inwards, looking outwards


When thought holds sway,

if you can’t break free

or let go, step back, loosen up,


shake it out, however you frame it,

be physical, get up and move

Then resettle the mind in the body,


at ease, unconfined

Over time, regaining this sensate presence,

as you recognize the thought patterns


that shape your actions

and the underlying motivations that persist,

retrace them without judgment


Dwell within the mind’s grounding,

free-ranging presence

Welcome the currents passing through,


even waves of displeasure

and want, even as they carry you here

and there. With the body in mind,


within the chrysalis of mind and body,

within the mandala of body

and world, let another more loving body


long waiting within

emerge, a body

long awaiting your presence


within, emerge,

within the chrysalis of breath

blood and light





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