This is the way of inwardness

Not as an inner as opposed to an outer

vantage or gaze,


but as a disposition towards life

that engages circumstance and situation

with a receptive openness


that privileges listening over saying,

that relies on wide angled vision or a template of no vantage

when responding to, expressing and initiating discourse


or any and all forms of action

An inwardness that embodies awareness

in what we do every day


Between sleeping and waking,

in and through the transition, as awareness arises

sense the body entire


Lying down, experience: this is the body,

the thoroughly sensed body

Not observed, recognized or named,


but experienced from within

Upon waking, lying down, we rise,

we sit up, stand and walk


Each state, each transition realized from within

with a momentary, sensed physical awareness,

a configured presence, an ongoing varying embodiment


Each transition reaffirming awareness

Our brute core physical embodiment,

ongoing and changing. Myriad transitions


as throughout the day

we walk, stand, sit and lie down

to return once again


through the sleep we wake from

May this ongoing sensate awareness

ground and involve us


in whatever we say or do



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