Stay with the breath, ease and stability infiltrates the mind

Let the breath accompany the mind’s movement

blissful awareness deepens

As the breath stills, the mind settles

Weightless, unconfined, the mind carries the body with it

within. Heart throughout with breath and blood

Brain throughout with breath and nerves

Configured throughout with breath and bones

Figure and ground, with mirrored movement

the mind dances with the breath

Temporarily embodied, the untameable

tames me. Taming and being tamed

I am other than what I am

From the head downward a, at the brow,

e at the throat, i at the heart

o at the gut, u at the base of the spine

I sound sense/ I sense sound

stabilizing the movement of mind and breath,

buoyed where I sit, clear minded when I rise

enlivened wherever  I go


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