With the mind already embodied,

through sensate awareness,

or through an inwardly

felt gaze, pinpointed or broad,

underlined by the breath,

let life open out… and experience

be ongoing,

even as the mind closes in

on here!

or escapes to there!

Despite the mind that grasps or flees,

the body remains aware,

aware where it is and the way it is

Rely on this residual awareness

this ongoing attentiveness to circumstance

Grounded and moving

be with the body

in all its manifestations and dispositions

The body knows, it returns

to what it knows. Imitate its configured presence

Place the mind in the body

open to the world all around,

and let go there!

Let go as the breath lets go

If not in the moment you wander,

then in the moment

you recognize you are lost

in thought, spaced out,

entangled in the web of your own making,

or secure in your stance,

claiming this/ disparaging that,

ease up in your insistence.

In ongoing openness

return to the body

That returning is a letting go

As the mind returns,

the body welcomes it,

No need to name the openness

that holds them apart

No need to claim the experience

that binds them

No need. Just experience

and openness

Return to just that

Embody that


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