“Nepal back then was like a tabloid lining the trash,
out of date, yesterday’s heralded news!”
– Bhupi Sherchan

When I sense this all around dare to do,

I ask are the men-in-charge from the same country?

They’re the headlines not the story.

See how the young paint through to the sky

till sunburst colors erase these buildings

looming overhead. Hands into the earth to plant the rice,

neck, shoulders and spine straining beneath bricks,

lives with a purpose: to feed and to house.

Men on the stage above it all, garlanded words

out of sync with the season. Houses and cars for V.I.P.s

What can be had! What can be taken?

Rough palms, smooth palms, hands wet with paint.

Year after year, the same front page men

hold back

to hold onto Never

new Nepal

June 25, 2015


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