The torqued angle
trips me Quick hands
temper the fall

I bounce back
but the floor shifts
careens shoulder

against wall
Instinct stands me still
My whole body

Fear meets knowing
and I split

thru the door, down
the steps, though it seems I leapt
thru to the stand of trees

Bruised palm prints on bark
I feel something
like love

as I stand, sway
having answered the koan:

where to?
when the quake

Much later, I look back
through this resurrected notebook
quake pitched from the shelves

Bemused, I’ll keep the title
and salvage these gone nowhere
words: “One tongue’s

too much,
two ears it takes..”
or a body

in free fall
“Were I a fish, I’d sprout wings
and still not be free

Like a fish in water
I will not drown —
The one who listens

on solid ground”

May 11, 2015


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