A stone’s throw beyond hidden streams
where egrets settle and a snake shimmers through paddy
weaver nests fall with a tree-toppling ax

Behind glass-shard turreted brick walls
a quickly raised metal shed
soon ricochets sun and echoes rain

Where bent-backed women
broke earth into clumps and knelt in the mud
to plant shoots of rice,

gates open before dawn
for flatbed trucks full of whiskey & rum
Across a shard of field,

a building shrouded jetty of land
freshly dug, furrowed and planted,
in one swoop

from a bank of clouds,
dawn’s glint on the distant mountains,
the reluctant sun in tow,

a hawk’s riveting hriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!
breaks through with light and heat to nourish the grain
that will rise from the still fertile soil


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