As the room shifts
light slants thru the rain

like Harold Lloyd
slipping from a clock’s

upraised hands
or Gregor Samsa

his karmic fall

my body slips from me
twice in succession.

As I rise
to catch up to it

I feint forward
yet stand

and remain
till my mind in sync

Let the world spin

all it wants.
With that resolve

I leave
hesitation behind

and pass
through the suffering

one step at a time

with a rakshi drinker’s
sideways slouch

Kathmandu’s heavy metals
leaching my brain

its fabled
once and future

adrift beneath

my feet


2 thoughts on “VERTIGO

  1. City water/ well water
    water trucked in

    I’ve been told my recurrent vertigo
    could be traced to the

    metals therein
    The cause is specific

    not a general complaint
    re Kathmandu


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