trumps question mark

no need for periods
but to change pace mid dance

one foot to the other
commas are to say

you’ve at least read
what you’ve said

the dash hurries past
what you meant to include

between parentheses
and quotation marks

emptiness smirks
semicolons are for those

who think too much
and colons? Ha!

bold and italics
are personal clichés

but like crayons
blue for sky and yellow for sun

they’re elemental
hard and sharp consonants

are for those who snarl
curse and shout

for motherly sentient beings
just let ooh and ah

pulse in the blood
apostrophes perk up my ears

but with three dots…
it’s more of the above

or better yet
time’s run out

the space between the lines
allows one

to draw on the breath
to re-conceive what’s left

the poem doesn’t end
at the end of the line

with the very last word
but with the space

at the end of the poem
where meaning

at the end of the breath

nothing is left


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