The palms.
Reading “palms”
is not enough

Seeing the image,
hands open,
rivulets running

crisscross the skin,
is not enough.
Saying is. But saying is

better done
with tongue, throat
and lips. Sensing

palms in their immediacy
is sufficient to begin with.
Using the palms

whether with “Namaste”
or pressed
together praying

or touching, caressing
and with the fingers
and hand

with grip and manipulation,
with a pen, a brush, a tool
working, creating,

is not what I intended.
Not dexterity or the sure sense
a musician or a surgeon

displays, but simply
palms sensed from within
The mind sensed

through the palms
Not with a clap
or with water’s coolness

or with the heat of the sun
Just palms
alive and aware

Their sensed life
via the mind

The innate
presence of the mind.
P a l m s

Not spelled out.


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