Loosen up, lean back
from the light
staring at and through you

As you read this,
there where you are,
embodied, not distracted,

please, read it aloud.
Stay with the rhythm,
the sounding

Don’t let thought
intervene or lead you astray.
When you breathe in

when you breath out,

Let the meaning
go. But do not push it away
Let sound come

through the pores
and through the fingertips
when you write

As if running with a stream
back to the source. Dip your hand in
Raise the letters to the light

Hear each single sound,
as if for the first time
Hear the “a” in the palm.

How it ripples
And then sound it
in the throat

and in the heart
This time
without speaking

but lightly,
with aspiration.
Just “ah”

like a raindrop
on water as it touches
down, and ripples

with the breath
as you fall asleep. Hearing “a”
from afar

as you wake.
Be with the rhythms.
Night/ and day

Listen, gently listen
to the sound beneath the meaning
as you speak


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