Configure the mind in the body,
remaining open to your surroundings
Expansive and focused,
outwardly aware as the mind

turns inward. Not staking out
and holding to, but at ease, letting go.
Allow the gaze and the mind that touches
down in the body, if unsteady

or distracted, to wander. Walking is the metaphor
The mind is in the body and in the world,
physically grounded in a changing
landscape. So as you sit, stand or lie down,

be where you are, place the mind
inward, be with the breath
wherever the mind touches down.
Beneath the breath’s rhythm,

take on the shape of placement,
the pulse of presence…
then ghostlike you’re gone. Be aware
when you wander away

disembodied, a stranger
to yourself, lost
in thought or immersed
in emotion. Till once again aware

where you are, reconfigure the body
and place the mind in the heart
or the gut, free from the net of thoughts
(just sense and image

and the space in and through)
move on from here
to here. Walking all the way
Just walking


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