Between placing the mind
and recognizing it has wandered

life opens out,
the body abides

in openness
in residual awareness,

while the mind closes in on here
escapes to there

names and judges
claims and misshapes

and diminishes

abandons the body,
pampers it or bandies it about

Beneath the temperament
that grasps or flees

the body stays
aware within

aware where it is
and the way it is

Rely on its residual

to circumstance,

and moving
Be with the body

Rely on it:
waking/ sleeping

breathing in/ breathing out
lying down/ sitting/ standing

The body knows

it returns
to what it knows

Place the mind in the body,
let go there…

Recognize when you are
lost in thought. Let go there

In ongoing openness
return to the body

When the mind returns
of its own

the body will welcome
it, gladly


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