One step in/ two steps forward
Embodied and open, engaging circumstance
from within/ gauging experience

from within, using mind, body and circumstance
as the basis for parsing
everything that is. Loosely realized categories

not distinct, but changeable.
Not voiced, but felt/ not felt: sensed.
Realized when tending towards the body:

as stability and ease;
when tending towards the mind:
as awareness and clarity;

when tending towards circumstance:
as openness and compassion. Vague words
marked by aspiration

and confusion. Between aspiration and confusion
there are only: arms, legs, torso,
a body breathing. Only sitting, standing,

walking, lying down.
Only night and day, rhythmically
returning, without vantage,

outwardly borne,
from within. Not by these words
filled in with meaning,

but fully sensed
and now


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